The mission of the Illinois Professionals Health Program is to support and guide Illinois healthcare professionals to wellness and healing, thereby promoting safe professional practice and enriching the lives of healers and their patients.


The IPHP strives to facilitate and promote the health and wellbeing of Illinois Healthcare Professionals of all disciplines by effectively addressing any and all physical, mental, emotional, and/or behavioral problems that may adversely affect their private or professional lives. This is accomplished in several ways:

Screening and referral to resources who are familiar with the specialized needs of licensed healthcare professionals, and who have expertise in the area being addressed

Consultation and guidance to people concerned about the health and functioning of a healthcare professional residing or practicing in Illinois.

Support and monitoring of professionals so that they may be able to sustain meaningful life changes for the sake of their health and to maintain the trust and confidence of those whom they serve.

Accountability through documentation of compliance with recommended treatment and/or behavioral plans for professionals who need advocacy with various regulatory or administrative agencies.